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The Conference Committee Chair serves a one-year term and is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Board for the duration of his/her term.


  • Appointing Chair and members for hospitality, registration, exhibits, sponsorship, and other subcommittees

  • Preparing an estimated budget and presenting it for approval to the Executive Board at the Summer Planning Meeting

  • Consulting with the Treasurer to ensure that Conference Program finances are handled in a manner consistent with the accounting procedures of the organization

  • Hosting the Summer Planning Meeting for Executive Board and subcommittee members at the conference hotel (approximately 8 months before annual conference being coordinated)

  • Monitoring the progress of Conference Program subcommittees, which includes continuous contact with Subcommittee Chairs to ensure timetables and responsibilities are being met

  • Scheduling Conference Program Committee meetings to update information and to assign possible additional duties. Detailed minutes should be maintained for future reference

  • Serving as a resource to the next CPC Chair at a briefing session during the annual conference

  • Sending letters/notes of appreciation within two weeks after the annual conference

  • Submitting final report to the next CPC Chair, the President, and Executive Board concerning finances, registrations, and general observations, problems and recommendations, as soon as financial accounts are closed and no later than 90 days following the Annual Conference

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